Eaker AFB Ammo Troops in the Desert
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I guess it was better than getting food poisoning These three people don't know it, but we switched their regular milk with camel milk
"I couldn't tell the diff!"
  Sorry Todd, you knew this one had to make the line up
Yes folks, that is a teddy bear
Lefty loosey, righty tighty
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Big Daddy Kane   Look out Todd!  It's the "Hatchet Man!" It's the Haack! Best condominium I ever lived in
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And eat all of your veggies The Bird         
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Rough day humping bombs Looks like trouble to me Honest, she was grabbing my ass    No, this is not homemaking 101
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Is that right... If I puff my chest out, every one will know I really run this dump I think we have a convoy    AFCOMAC this!
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Hung bomb from a British Tornado.  Of course Greg kept claiming the same thing    Who remembers the "Ammo Ninja Turtle?" Am I the only one who sees a resemblance Sooo many bombs yet so few Iraqis to kill
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    The three amigos Hands down, I had the best looking legs in Saudi Arabia We use Sure
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Now I lay me down to sleep.....  ZZZzzzzzz   Honest, we didn't do anything I learned how to kiss ass early in my career Everybody is here to honor me
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