Liberalism Breeds Terrorism
Evan Sayet
Monday 8 August 2005

Being a rational thinker, it is often impossible to understand how Democrats can be so stupid. What exactly do the Democrats think is going to happen when they Balkanize America and invent categories for people so that no one is an American any longer but rather an "African-American" or an "Hispanic-American" or a woman or a homosexual whose allegiance shouldn't be to America but rather to the "cultural heritage" or the unique behavior that "defines" him or her?

What do the Democrats think is going to happen when English is not the language of everyone but everyone is to speak his own language (even made up slang like "ebonics") so that communities become isolated and antagonistic and incapable of communicating with one another to solve differences and problems?

What do the Democrats think is going to happen when they give standing ovations to anti-American movies they know are filled with outright lies that paint America as evil and take to the Senate floor to denounce America's soldiers as "like the Nazis" knowing at least a part of their constituency is dumb enough to believe them?

What do the Democrats think is going to happen when they hire terrorists to teach at the universities they control and promote those who call the victims of terrorism "little Eichmanns" to head-up entire departments?

What's going to happen is exactly what has happened in London where native-born children blow the skulls off their "fellow countrymen." After all, thanks to the liberals there, what did these murderers have in common with the people they destroyed?

Perhaps Nancy Pelosi feels comfortable because with her connections she'll escape the murders. And maybe Ted Kennedy feels assured that he can take a private helicopter to "the Kennedy Compound" to escape the fate of a Theo Van Gogh. It's likely that Dick Durbin believes he can order up some extra security forces should it get bad here at home.

But the rest of us need to recognize that so long as the Democrats' goal is the division of America into subgroups, the undermining of our common language and the destruction of our unique values, the phenomenon of the "native-born" terrorist that the British are new experiencing thanks to Europe's leftism--folks who feel no kinship with their neighbors and no compunction about blowing off their skulls--will soon be coming home to roost in America.

Evan Sayet is a writer, speaker, and pundit in Los Angeles and former communications director for LA for President Bush. He has been a TV and movie writer with credits ranging from "Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher" to the cult classic "Win Ben Stein's Money" and the Discovery Channel documentary "The 70's: When Decades Attack." He is currently working on a book: "Regurgitating the Apple: How Modern Liberals 'Think.'" Evan’s blog is SayetRight and he receives email at Sayet@Socal.RR.Com


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