"Liberalism"- a Mental Disease?
Tim Bueler


The biggest threat I see facing our nation today is not terrorism, it is "liberalism." The left wishes to see America’s destruction, by unraveling everything that our ancestors fought and died for. It is a sort of death wish, which is why talk host Michael Savage calls it a mental disease, and I agree. This country, like Rome, will fall from within, because of the vast hatred for America that the left has beat into the minds of our youth. We need to understand that there are people inside our country who hate America, who wish America to fall to its knees. They include every left wing radical that attacks our schools, family, faith and military.

The "liberal" mental disorder affects more people each day. The disease starts within the school system. Today’s teachers emphasize all the problems with America. They blame this country for racism, greed, war, starvation, pollution, animal cruelty, and every other possible national and world problem.

Teachers misuse the power they have been given to mold the curriculum to promote "liberal" ideology. These "liberal" indoctrinators say that America has done enough in her 200-year history, and suggest it is time to stop. They will tell you that America is not worth fighting for. Once their impressionable students absorb this, their teachers begin to build up an anti American, unpatriotic attitude. I know this, because as students, my friends and I experience this attitude every school day. After the terrorist attacks against America on September 11, 2001, liberal teachers across the country have been more out spoken than ever against the war on terrorism, while ignoring the tragedy of 9-11, except to blame it on President Bush. According to the Houston Chronicle, "U.S Just As Guilty of Committing Own Violent Acts," September 14, 2001, professor Robert Jensen of the University of Texas at Austin said, "My primary anger is directed at the leaders of this country." The attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center are "no more despicable than the massive acts of terrorism- the deliberate killing of civilians for political purposes- that the U.S. government has committed in my lifetime." We are "just as guilty."

According to New Republic, "Talk Show," October 22, 2001, University of New Mexico professor Richard Berthold said, "Anyone who can blow up the Pentagon would get my vote." What kind of American would say such a revolting thing? Have we forgotten so soon, about September 11? Insane animals attacked our buildings and our people! These liberal radicals need to be fired, and thrown out of this country like the bums they are.

This continuing assault on family and morals is supported directly by the "liberal" education committee in Sacramento, which stopped a bill that would have required public schools to inform parents about how and when their kids received sex education. Schools are now allowed to hand out condoms in schools, and girls can walk off of campus on school time to have an abortion without notifying their parents. How are family values promoted when parents are replaced by government bureaucrats?

The "liberal" disease is spread by the radical left wing media, which has a monopoly in our televisions, newspapers, and magazines. The alphabet channels give away our troop positions. They signal to the enemy how many troops we have in a given location, where our fighter planes are taking off from, and exactly what time they are departing. Now, if I were Mr. terrorist sitting in the Middle East, I would be giving praise to Allah that these "liberal" reporters are mapping and telegraphing the strategy of the United States. Although the actions of the media present a clear bias leaning to the left, they deny it. (See "Bias," by Bernie Goldberg, which exposes the leftist media.) What do you tell the parents when their son or daughter is killed because some liberal reporter gave away military intelligence over the airwaves?

The "liberal" disease breeds and multiplies within special interest groups like the ACLU, which represents every thing that is illegal in America. The ACLU has defended murders, homosexuals, rapists, cop killers, Nazis, and they tried to stop the recall of the former corrupt governor of California, Gray Davis. I conclude that the ACLU agenda appears to be to divide America rather than unite.

Another America basher is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) who are more concerned about animal’s lives than humans. According to a WorldNetDaily.com article titled "PETA Ideals Drive Businesses Away," September 8, 2003, a PETA campaign called "Holocaust on Your Plate"compared chickens slaughtered at factory farms to the Jews annihilated in Nazi death camps. A PETA spokesman described the concept behind the rigid rule as "compassion." "Other animals are made of the same stuff human beings are," he said, ‘flesh, blood and bone. They feel the same range of emotions we do and physiologically they feel pain in exactly the same way we do."

PETA also condemned the U.S. military's use of dolphins and sea lions in the Iraq war to help clear underwater mines. This is just great, now some whacked out "liberal" is trying to tell us that animal rights are more important than humans? How nice!

America is now in your hands. What will you do with her? Will you hide behind political correctness and "non-judgmental thinking," like cowards, or will you take action to preserve the America that was once great, once worth calling a true republic. "Liberals" have nearly destroyed America, and unless we act, this country will be free only for a little while longer.


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