Internet Search Engines

Alta Vista Web search engine and directory has indexed millions of sites. Users can perform complex searches or get personalized news and stock quotes.
Ask Jeeves Real-language search engine lets users ask questions without knowledge of boolean search techniques. Find games, shopping and popularity ranking.
Google's Search engine returns keyword search results based on relevance of content and the number of links to a particular URL from other sites.
Hotbot Wired magazine's search engine, powered by Inktomi, allows users to search within particular geographic or Web areas.
Lycos Customizable search engine allows users to enter a search string or browse the Web by subject. Includes a section for newcomers.
WebCrawler Portal offers simple searches, directory-style lists, headline news, and personal productivity tools. Also has a people finder and maps.
Yahoo! Web portal and search tool provides extensive categories and news. Hosts Yahoo! Auctions, Yahoo! Classifieds, Yahoo! Weather and Yahoo! Maps.